KOVR News Crew Helps Nab Shoplifting Suspect in Station Parking Lot

By Kevin Eck Comment

An alert Mike Dello Stritto, assistant news director for Sacramento CBS owned station KOVR, along with a station photographer successfully corralled a suspected shoplifter trying to elude police.

West Sacramento Police told KOVR the suspect attempted to leave Walmart, which is across the street from KOVR, with a cartload of goods and punched a security guard who tried to stop him. Unfortunately for the suspect, his escape route included an area filled with cameras and lots of people not used to minding their own business.

“Hey! You’re on our property,” Dello Stritto told the suspect who appeared to be hurt. “We’ve got a camera and the camera’s going to stay here,”

Police quickly showed up and took the suspected thief off of KOVR’s hands.  After the jump you can view video of the roundup.

Police booked the teen into juvenile hall on charges of burglary, assault and resisting arrest.