Accident Gives Health Reporter Angie Moreschi New Perspective on Drug Abuse Story

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

In a freak accident, Angie Moreschi, who currently hosts the Emmy Award-winning “Smart Health” series on Tampa’s WEDU, unexpectedly gained first-hand knowledge of the topic she was covering.

Moreschi, an anchor with WFTS before joining WEDU, was working on a story about pain pill addiction when she was struck by a car, an accident that crushed her legs and required her to take pain medication.

“The crazy irony of being a health show host going through this horrible medical trauma has given me new insight into the medical system,” Moreschi told The Tampa Tribune recently.

When a doctor advised her to take morphine and other pain-relieving medications, Moreschi admits that she was afraid to because she “had seen what happens to people who get hooked.”

Now Moreschi is almost fully recovered from her injuries, caused when she was hit by a van while on a family vacation in New York City, and she is off of the pain meds.  A new season of “Smart Health” is set to begin this month with the first episode featuring Moreschi’s piece on prescription drug abuse, a segment that the reporter won’t soon forget.