WTF Was Sue Simmons Thinking?

By Chris Ariens Comment

We’ve held off posting this story today, mostly because we don’t usually report on the news of local news. But we’ve heard from you today, so here goes. If you haven’t heard about it, Sue Simmons a 28-year veteran anchor at WNBC dropped the F bomb last night during a prime time promo for News4 New York at 11 (might be NSFW, unless your boss uses the F word a lot, in that case, it’s entirely SFW):

At the end of the first block of the broadcast, Simmons said, “We need to acknowledge an unfortunate mistake that I made in one of the teases we bring to you before this program. While we were live just after 10 O’Clock, I said a word that many people find offensive. I’m truly sorry, it was a mistake on my part and I sincerely apologize.”