With a Book and One-Man Show to Promote, Larry King Returns to the Spotlight

By Alex Weprin Comment

You can’t say that former CNN 9 PM host Larry King isn’t keeping busy. In addition to a handful of specials for the network, King is about to embark on a one-man show, is releasing a new book, and hosted the Peabody Awards yesterday.

At the awards, King made plenty of jokes (“Arnold [Schwarzenegger] will next be seen in the continuing saga of All My Children,” he cracked on stage), but also spoke about CNN and his successor, Piers Morgan.

“We work very differently,” he said. “It’s still an interview show; it’s a radio show with pictures. It’s hard to be objective; we all have to go to our own style. Whenever I speak at schools, I always tell kids: don’t be somebody else. Be what you are.”

King will be appearing once again on Morgan’s show in a few weeks to promote his new book, Truth be Told.

The New York Post has an excerpt highlighting some of their favorite Larry King non-sequiturs:

* “I don’t like funerals, but Frank Sinatra had a great funeral.”

* “I had Jim Morrison on the show the night after he was arrested in Miami. What a handsome guy. His father was an admiral, and he was a rebellious poet. He died in a bathtub of a drug overdose.”

Elsewhere, King talks to the Huffington Post about a number of topics, including who his (unusual) dream guest would be:

Q: Are there any interview subjects that you would have loved to interview, but got away?

King: Since I’m doing four specials, we’re still after Castro. I’m doing one with Johnny Depp, he was high on the list, I’m doing one with Johnny Depp. Castro, he’d be number one, because he’s the longest leader of a country ever.