Which TV News Program Brings In The Most Advertising Dollars?

By Alex Weprin Comment

Advertising Age has once again produced its indispensable guide to the network advertising field, publishing the ad rates for every primetime program on broadcast television.

The most expensive programs to buy an ad for on TV? Not surprisingly, those would be NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” at $512,367 and Fox’s “American Idol” at $502,900.

As for TV news, the most expensive program is also the most-watched program: the CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes,”  which will cost an advertiser $122,075 for a 30 second spot.

Update: NBC’s “Rock Center” is not far behind “60 Minutes.” The program is brining in $110,000 per 30 second spot, which–as Ad Age’s Brian Steinberg notes–is more than many NBC dramas and comedies.

The other TV news programs on the list are:

ABC’s “20/20,” which costs an average of $67,394. CBS’ “48 Hours Mystery,” which brings in $43,400 per spot. NBC’s “Dateline,” with an average of $39,610 and CBS’ “Crimetime Saturday,” which draws $29,673.

We will have to wait until next year to see how NBC’s “Rock Center” stacks up advertising-wise.