Which Murder Is More Newsworthy? Bill O’Reilly Debates

By SteveK Comment

Bill O’Reilly and FNC analyst Ellis Henican had a heated discussion last night about which story — the murder of Dr. Tiller or Private Long — was more newsworthy, and why each was covered the way it was in the media. The shooting at the Holocaust Museum yesterday was mentioned as well.

“Our news decision is based on what is important, their news decision is based on ideology,” said O’Reilly. “Look, Katie Couric didn’t cover Private Long. Charles Gibson ignored Private Long. Ignored it. Didn’t say a word about it.”

As for FNC’s decision about how to report the Holocaust Museum shooting in prime time, it was mentioned for 55 seconds by O’Reilly, not at all by Sean Hannity and for 45 seconds by Greta Van Susteren.

See the Factor segment last night below, and vote which you think is most newsworthy after the video:

Now, the vote. It’s not an easy one, but we want your thoughts:
When Each Story Broke, Which, In Your Opinion, Was Most Newsworthy?(polls)

> Update: The video has been removed from YouTube, but is not available on FoxNews.com. We’re still looking. Also, Greta has responded on her blog.

In a post headlined, “pleasing the ‘in’ crowd?” she writes, in part: “Our audience at Fox News Channel is extremely bright, follows the news all day long and follows it closely. By 10pm, we did not need to tell them more — unless, of course, there was a substantial amount of new information to report.”