“Where is Page Hopkins?”

By SteveK Comment

hopkins_3-17.jpgJohnny Dollar has the audio from “Brian and the Judge” last week on Fox News Radio, when a caller slipped a few questions in that probably were not part of her pitch to the call screener. “Rose in Alabama” said, “I have two quick questions before I make my point.”

Her first question related to whether John Gibson‘s show was canceled (“John gives commentary on the 5pmET show at the present time,” said co-host Andrew Napolitano).

Her second question was, “Where is Page Hopkins?” Caught off guard, co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “I’m not sure,” while Napolitano responded, “I don’t know the answer to that.”

“Rose from Alabama” didn’t get to make her point — Kilmeade moved on to the next caller after that exchange.

TVNewser has received several dozen anonymous tips asking the whereabouts of Hopkins, who had been a regular Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor before the new team settled in on February 23. Despite the fact that she has not appeared on FNC since February 12, TVNewser hears she is still under contract with the network.

> Update: Bill Shine, SVP of Programming for FNC, tells TVNewser, “Page has just begun a two week vacation…the viewers will see her when she returns.”