Where Do You Turn for Breaking News Coverage?

By Chris Ariens Comment

Mediabistro.com is partnering up with Poll Position, the new polling company founded by former CNN executive Eason Jordan. On occasion, TVNewser and our other blogs will share results from Poll Position polls having to do with news media consumption and coverage. Each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night, Poll Position conducts national telephone polling, asking more than 1,000 Americans 10 hot topic questions in addition to demographic questions – gender, race, age, political affiliation. Among Poll Position’s questions last night was this:

When there is a major news event, do you turn to news radio stations, news websites, social media or television news networks for breaking news reporting?

TV News Networks News Websites News Radio Social Media
57.5 16.6 13.8 7.7

National Telephone Poll of 1,110 Registered Voters / 10.23.11 / Margin of Error +/- 3%

TV news networks is highest among 65+ with 70% saying they get breaking news from TV. Perhaps most surprising: the highest percentage saying Social Media — at 9% — is among 45-64 year-olds. Slightly less, 8.1% of 18-29 year-olds, say they turn to Social Media for breaking news.

The full poll will be released tomorrow on Poll Position.