When Not To Meet the Press

By Chris Ariens Comment


Okay, rule #1 for cable news anchors, don’t talk to the press, even blogs, especially blogs, unless your boss or PR knows about it. Or, if you’re gonna do it, don’t use your name!

FNC’s Ainsley Earhardt learned that the hard way. We hear she was given a talking to this morning after she talked to a blogger, on more than one occasion, about her fill-in gig on Fox & Friends Weekend. A TVNewser reader tipped us off to the existence of the blog Carpe Diem late yesterday. The following is from a post on Tuesday:

One hour ago the lovely and sweet Ainsley Earhardt responded to a missive of mine as to the cast of F&F Weekend. She said, “Please be patient with us, while the bosses decide who will be the best fit for the Fox and Friends weekend show: I’m sure they will make the right decision and you will be happy with the final selection.”

Earhardt also responded to the blog on February 28:

The beautiful, fun, and increasingly flirty Ainsley Earhardt responded to a missive from me today. In answer to my query as to the status of her and Clayton Morris on Fox & Friends Weekend, she said, “No word yet on what will happen with the show; I’m just filling in until I hear otherwise; [and] we will announce changes when they are final. Thank You, Ainsley!”

Earhardt, you’ll recall, is the anchor who earlier this week said, “Hitler did great things,” and earlier this month said, “Here at Fox, we like to be feminine. So we don’t wear the pants.” What we don’t know is if Earhardt knew she was talking to a blogger or just some random fan. Either way, makes you wonder, “while the bosses decide who will be the best fit” if they still think Earhardt is that fit.