WHCAD: The Pre-Show Parties

By Brian 

TVNewser contributor Scott Baker surveys the pre-dinner receptions and bumps into Kim Alexis, Ann Coulter, Greta Van Susteren, Rita Cosby, Tucker Carlson and others…

Madeline Albright really can leg press 400 pounds.

Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.com, the wild man of the news wire
world, made sure he asked the question. I pointed out the Pat
of the 700 Club claims he can leg press 2,000 pounds.
Comments were made about the power of God giving an advantage. I
later told this to Pat Robertson’s granddaughter who was hanging out
with the forceful Kim Alexis.

While Andrew circulated with Ann Coulter, who I swear has a very
infectious and girlish laugh, I shook hands with Greta Van Susteren.
I heard someone mutter “Aruba, Aruba, Aruba.”

Rita Cosby held court close by. Aruba, Aruba.

Widely syndicated (though maybe not quite widely enough) columnist
Kathleen Parker talked with the President’s charming sister Doro. She
has a book coming out in the fall “My Father, My President.” Quite
the family.

It’s good to be Mike Gerson. A top White House aide who can walk
around without a lawyer. He covered various African issues with The
New Republic’s Frank Ford.

Kim Alexis and George Clooney did share sympathies about enduring the

Joey Pantoliano talked First Amendment stuff with the Creative
Coalition gang.

Larger than life artist Alexey Steele wandered about gauging the
spirit of the room. He said the future begins in the present and
that the ideas circulating in this group right now will be the shape
of the things to come. He’s taping that energy for art, even as he
talks with Tucker Carlson.

That was all before dinner.