What’s the State of Reliable Sources?


By Chris Ariens Comment

We get a press release every Friday from CNN. It describes their weekend programming schedule — topics, guests, etc. Take a look at Sunday’s schedule and how “Reliable Sources” appears…

SUNDAY, January 18, 2009

American Morning – Airs LIVE 5:00AM – 6:00AM

House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Airs 7:30AM – 8:00AM

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores new research on a popular fertility treatment: who does it work for, and what are their chances of having a baby? Then, Gupta follows couples desperate to get pregnant, who go overseas for in vitro fertilization. Also, Gupta discusses how to “Jumpstart Your Health” for the New Year. He talks about ways to break bad eating habits and beat the battle of the bulge, including the inside scoop on volumetrics and five foods that slash cholesterol.


Topic: Economy; National Security; Historic Nature of his Inauguration
Guest: President-elect Barack Obama
Topic: Inauguration Preview; Obama Administration
Guest: David Axelrod, senior Obama adviser
Topic: Obama Administration; Future of the GOP
Guest: Ed Gillespie, Bush White House counselor
Topic: Reliable Sources media analysis with Howard Kurtz: Challenges the Obama Press Secretary May Face
Guest: Dana Perino, Bush White House press secretary
Guest: Dee Dee Myers, former Clinton White House press secretary
Topic: Reliable Sources media analysis with Howard Kurtz: Diversity in the Press Corps
Guest: Dan Lothian, CNN White House correspondent
Guest: April Ryan, White House correspondent, American Urban Radio Networks
Anchor: John King

In the past “Reliable Sources” appeared as its own show at 10amET. Now, as had been discussed, it looks as though Howard Kurtz is a part of the new John King four-hour block “State of the Union.”