What is Morning Joe? Morning Joe Answers

By SteveK Comment

morning_3-10.jpgOn the Morning Joe panel, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took a look inward to answer what their show is all about. “He came up with this concept,” said Brzezinski of Scarborough. “I realized immediately that the two of us were not going to do regular TV. We were going to talk about what we wanted to talk about, that we both have been beaten up a little bit in our respective areas, his politics and mine media.

“Our show developed a voice really quickly because of this concept…what we found is if we didn’t do lingerie for your summer season, people would still watch.”

“The concept is very simple: everybody puts their opinion out there but everybody’s opinion is respected,” said Scarborough.

And who was the “only person who ever violated that?” Mika’s Dad, said Scarborough, who called him “stunningly superficial” on the air. But he says all was okay once the red light turned off.