What is Greta Van Susteren’s TV News Dream?

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Greta Van Susteren made headlines yesterday for implying White House Press Secretary Jay Carney might be dreaming in suggesting the Obama administration is the most transparent in history; the other night she described her own dream as a TV news host.

“Do you know what my dream in this job is?” Van Susteren said. “I’d love to make that call to a grieving family, and say, ‘They found her, she’s alive.”

The “On the Record” host was previewing her Fox News special airing tonight at 7pmET, which reexamines the 2006 disappearance of then-24-year-old Jennifer Kesse, a case Greta covered then.

“I wish we could cover every missing person–we can’t,” Greta added. “You may think that we drop these stories–we don’t.”