WH Correspondents Pick a College Football National Champion

By kevin Comment

To celebrate fall, TVNewser has issued a challenge to some of your favorite newsers on something that’s actually important for once. This week, we’ve asked the White House correspondents to pick the school that they think will win the college football national title come January. (Alma maters were not allowed.)

Next Wednesday, anchors from each network will pick a NFL Super Bowl champion. Here are your correspondents’ selections:

cfbtodd9-10.jpg Chuck Todd, NBC News Chief WH Correspondent
“I guess I’ll predict Texas, but my heart is always with Miami.”
cfbtapper9-10.jpg Jake Tapper, ABC News Sr. WH Correspondent
“Florida Gators.”
cfbemanuel9-10.jpg Mike Emanuel, Fox News WH Correspondent
“Texas QB Colt McCoy does not have a Heisman hangover, and does not have to face a bruising SEC schedule. McCoy will leave Austin a University of Texas all-time great after leading the Longhorns to the national title. Hook ’em Horns!”
cfbhenry9-10.jpg Ed Henry, CNN Sr. WH correspondent
“Anybody except Notre Dame. Not that I’m bitter or have a long memory but …. They shot down this Irish Catholic’s application in 1989, one year after they won the national championship. Turns out they haven’t won the title again since ’88. Bad Karma? Hmm.”
cfbbarnes9-10.jpg Peter Barnes, FBN Sr. Washington Correspondent
“I have to root for the Big 10, as Penn State is my Alma Mater, and if I can’t vote for Penn State, I have to pick Michigan, only because my buddy in our football group is a Michigan grad. Go Blue.”