Wallace: “It Can Only Be Healthy To Have More Viewpoints”

By SteveK Comment

wallace_7-3.jpgFOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace is profiled in today’s Martha Vineyard Times (“prior to his arrival on the Vineyard for a family vacation”), in a wide-ranging interview touching on his entire career in the media.

Wallace says his view of NBC and ABC, previous employers, have changed since he’s left the networks. “When I was working at NBC and ABC — those were my big jobs for about 25 years — I thought we were fair and balanced. But since coming to Fox four and a half years ago, I have come to see things a little differently,” he says. “And I, in fact, do believe there is a bias in the mainstream media and that is something I was only able to understand when I was outside of it.”

And to those who think Fox slants right: “Whether you end up agreeing with Fox or not, it can only be healthy to have more viewpoints out there and more approaches out there,” Wallace says.

He is also asked about his regular blog viewing, and gives a fair and balanced selection — everything from Drudge Report (the article lists it as drudge.com, but we’re pretty sure it’s drudgereport.com) and Redstate.com to The Huffington Post.