VIDEO: Here’s What CBS’ New ‘Person to Person’ Looks Like

By Alex Weprin Comment

CBS News has released a promo for its new iteration of the primetime profile series “Person to Person.” The debut episode features actor George Clooney, rocker Jon Bon Jovi and billionaire Warren Buffett. The format looks unusual, with hosts Charlie Rose and Lara Logan sitting in the new “CBS This Morning” studio, talking to their guests on its massive video screen.


Clooney, in his interview, talked about his film “Good Night, and Good Luck” and was asked why he didn’t play Edward R. Murrow:

Rose: The film that you made about Murrow is called “Good Night, and Good Luck” which was the famous way that he signed off –What was the kinship? What did you find that– that touched you there?

Clooney: Well, I– I’d grown up around it because my father so much respected– not just the man Edward R. Murrow but a lot of the very important broadcasts he’d done, Harvest of Shame, for instance, or obviously, going after McCarthy.And I thought it was interesting to talk about the importance of what you do for a living, quite honestly.

CR: Why didn’t you play Murrow?

GC: I thought about playing Murrow, and I’d written it to play Murrow, quite honestly. And– I realized that Edward R. Murrow was this character that always felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. And that isn’t something that is necessarily– the way people think of me. And I didn’t think that I could act my way out of that.

“Person to person” premieres tonight at 8 PM.