Verne to George: ‘This is morning TV – not Church’

By Chris Ariens Comment

DianeGeorge_12.17.jpgJust because ABC News is keeping the publicity of their anchor moves low key, doesn’t mean newspaper writers aren’t going to opine about it. And they are. Columnists from two New York newspapers are playing the prediction game this morning as the ABC News revolving door is about to complete it’s spin — for now.

The New York Post‘s Andrea Peyser writes about Diane Sawyer assuming the “World News” anchor chair on Monday:

I have a prediction: The experiment will fail. To say that elevating Sawyer is anything other than affirmative action is a fantasy that the network must face. Yes, the long-ago aide to President Nixon is a WASP with a long on-air career. But she is a dame. And one who has toiled in the perky realm of morning TV, a lead-in that will not sit well with older viewers who make up the bulk of news watchers, folks accustomed to gravelly voices and the illusion of gravitas.

Affirmative action? Really?

Meanwhile, Newsday’s Verne Gay concludes George Stephanopoulos has too much gravitas for morning TV.

He’s cool. Unapproachable. A little snobby. He’s too good, too smart, too classy to interview one of Tiger Woods’ tootsies. No, you can almost hear him say – “let Robin do that.” [A] quick word of advice to George – get into the mudpit. This is morning TV – not church. Don’t sacrifice your dignity. Diane and Charlie didn’t. You don’t have to either. But loosen up. Do the celebrity interview. Do a lot of ’em. Talk to the tootsie.