Tony Snow’s Death: ABC Correspondent Statements

By SteveK Comment

Statement from Robin Roberts:

I was so privileged to do what was considered his exit interview from the White House, and Tony was one of the first people to reach out when I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago. For those of us battling cancer, he was beyond inspirational. We are deeply saddened by his passing but will not forget his valiant fight and the lessons he taught us all. I’m thinking of his wife Jill, his three children and his many close friends and family and they can hold their head high knowing that all of us want to exit this earth and leave it a little bit better than we found it and he certainly did that.

Statement from Martha Raddatz:

Tony Snow approached his daily briefings like a chess player. He was always challenging, always thinking ahead and, with that twinkle in his eye, you knew he was always enjoying it. He made everyone in that briefing room a better reporter. But what was most inspiring about Tony is that he walked into that room ever day with an appreciation for life and family that was truly remarkable. On his darkest days, he never stopped smiling and never stopped hoping.

Statement from Ann Compton (WHCA president):

Tony Snow broke the mold as White House Press Secretary. With no experience as an official spokesman, he was accessible to reporters and fair in debates over how we covered the President especially as we rebuilt the White House press briefing room. On a personal level, Tony never held grudges against journalists with whom he jousted. Tony Snow had no self-consciousness. He came to the podium and briefed on camera as his hair thinned and greyed from cancer treatment. And he did love to debate from the podium.

And this from ABC News president David Westin:

With all that he achieved and with all the wonderful things he was, Tony Snow was first and foremost a man of character. He was a man who could rise above the fray and, even as he stood firm for his beliefs, see the common ground, the irony, and the humor. All of us who knew him loved him. Our hearts go out to his wife and children at this very sad time.