Tom Brokaw On His Idea For Change During “These Uncertain Times”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

Tom_Brokaw.jpg In a New York Times op-ed titled “Small-Town Big Spending,” Tom Brokaw makes his case for reforming “irresponsible, inefficient practices and systems” by changing the “antiquated public structures that exist beyond the Beltway.”

Brokaw advocates consolidation in the staffing of, and services provided by, local governments.

For example, in his “native Great Plains, South and North Dakota…have a combined population of just under 1.5 million people…[yet] support 17 colleges and universities.” Brokaw suggests a centrally-administered “Dakota Territory College System.”

When it comes to streamlining and reorganizing, Brokaw says, “if we demand this from General Motors, we should ask no less of ourselves.”