Today In Obama/Osama Confusion

By Alex Weprin Comment

Obama060110.jpg It never ends. No matter how hard they try, television anchors and reporters simply keep confusing President Obama and Osama bin Laden. Hey, the lights are bright, you are tired, the “b” looks like an “s” (or vice versa) on the prompter. Mistakes happen, but seriously, it’s getting old.

The latest reporter to confuse President Obama with Osama bin Laden is NBC News’ Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklashewski, Jim Miklaszewski who was on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” this morning talking about a top Al Qaeda leader that had been killed in a drone attack.

Said Miklaszewski:

So the question that has to be asked now, how long did US intelligence sit on Al-Masri, keeping track of where he was going and who he was talking to, and what kind of information were they able to glean that might have led them or be able to lead them to either Obama or Zawahiri.

You would think US intelligence would have little trouble tracking down Obama.