TMZ’s Harvey Levin Criticizes His Corporate Cousins at CNN Over Schwarzenegger Mistress Coverage

By Alex Weprin Comment

TMZ chief Harvey Levin took to Twitter to attack his corporate cousins at CNN over the Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress story (TMZ and CNN are both owned by Time Warner).

TMZ broke the name of Schwarzenegger’s mistress yesterday, and Levin went on CNN to talk about the latest from the case. A producer at the time apparently told him not to name the woman.

Today, Levin appeared again, and this time the woman’s name was mentioned… with anchor Randi Kaye specifically citing the New York Times:

We should also point out, we’re not naming the child in this case, of course. We should also tell you it was the New York Times that we are giving credit for Mildred “Patty Baena,” the name of the mistress that is coming to us. Harvey, thank you.

Levin visibly furrowed his brow after Kaye cited the Times.

It was at that point he took to Twitter, writing:

I just did a crazy interview with @CNN. The anchor at the end said CNN was giving credit to the @nytimes for naming the baby mama… It’s hilarious. They said yesterday–after we named the woman–they weren’t doing it. But they’re now hiding behind the NY Times.

In other words rather than having a point of view and sticking with it, @CNN wanted to change it’s moral position and used @nytimes.

Ridiculous. If they want to take a moral position, stick with it. Don’t be a lemming …that’s the problem with traditional media.

Forgot to mention… when I did @CNN yesterday, the producer told me do NOT mention #Arnold ‘s baby mama’s name. So what changed, @CNN ? We don’t take it personally. It’s really a statement about @CNN having no moral compass — it was so transparent.