The Ticker: Williams, Hartman, King…

By Brian 

> Lost Remote: Last night on the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams included a viewer mail segment with several serious messages, and then this one: “I like listening to Brian, but last night I actually switched to ABC News because I could not stand the way Brian was dressed. WHY does it have to be that way?” Williams responded: “Well, sir, you may force me to call that nice fellow over at ABC to see where he buys his stuff”

> GMA pioneer David Hartman says the state of TV news is dismal: “Cable news has ruined it. Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann are both such idiots” (via ICN)…

> An interesting story in today’s LA Times: “Tech-savvy young people aren’t as eager to watch TV on their cellphones and iPods as networks might think…”

> ABC says its World News webcast now includes a “pull-down table of contents that organizes the program’s reports by chapter” and a “click for more” icon to signal web viewers “that additional information is just a mouse click away…”

> In case you care: While backing into a parking space in Beverly Hills yesterday, Larry King “bumped the car behind him,” TMZ says. Then “another car passing by sideswiped King’s vehicle.” He wasn’t hurt (via FTV)…