The Ticker: Schieffer, Romney, Blank…

By SteveK Comment

> CBS’ Bob Schieffer will appear at the NY Press Club on February 17. The Q&A is part of the Living Legends series, and David Diaz moderates.

> has published an exclusive op-ed by Mitt Romney today regarding the stimulus plan. It is based on remarks he made last week to the House Republican Conference.

> Ben Blank, a graphics innovator who worked for CBS and ABC, died this week. Click continued to see a note about Blank from ABC News’ Creative Director Hal Aronow-Theil…

To whom it may concern,

Not sure you’re aware of this but Ben Blank, considered by many to be the father of TV News graphics, died on Tuesday at 87.
He invented the visual language still used today around the world of Over-The Shoulder graphics, full screen information graphics and other sophisticated visuals that help us tell a story.
The enclosed article gives a better sense of his accomplishments.

Hal Aronow-Theil
Creative Director, ABC News