The Ticker, Sandy Edition: Spitzer, Williams, Velshi/Romans

By Chris Ariens Comment

    • Former New York Governor and CNN host Eliot Spitzer will be on Christiane Amanpour’s CNN International program today. He’ll talk about Sandy recovery and the election. “Amanpour” airs at 4pmET on CNNI.

    • “Rock Center with Brian Williams” will dedicate its entire hour to the super storm tomorrow night. Harry Smith, Tom Brokaw, Ann Curry, Richard Engel and Natalie Morales report. Thursday at 10pmET/PT.

    • CNN’s Ali Velshi, in Ohio, and Christine Romans, in New York, will co-anchor “CNN Newsroom” Friday morning at 9amET with Sandy’s clean-up underway, unemployment numbers due, and the election just four days away.