The Ticker: Mosher, Amanpour, Doocy…

By Brian 

> In 1976, Mike Mosher was NBC’s Beirut bureau chief. Now he’s back in the city, with an interesting blog entry on The Daily Nightly

> Christiane Amanpour‘s first “quarterly special” for CNN is titled “Where Have all the Parents Gone?” It examines the plight of AIDS orphans in Kenya and premieres Saturday at 8pm. More…

> TV Week: “Dell Computers has signed on as the first advertiser on CNN Exchange, the news network’s site for user-generated content…”

> “Brigitte Quinn is back on FNC, anchoring the 2 to 3pm hour for Martha MacCallum,” an e-mailer notes…

> Steve Doocy has a great blog entry today. Here’s his surefire way to encourage buildings with television sets to turn to Fox: “For the hardliners who won’t change their channel from where it’s parked, there’s an easy remedy: Just sing FOX News theme songs off-key until they beg you to stop…”