The Ticker: (DNC Day 3 Edition): Hemmer, Stanley, Bus…

By Chris Ariens Comment

> Jezebel’s Megan Carpentier catches up with FNC’s Bill Hemmer at the FOX Experience, mostly because she thinks he is “completely cute.” She writes, “Hemmer is kind of a combination of endearingly doofy and really smart.”

> The NYTimes’ Alessandra Stanley is on the TV watch for the DNC. In summary: turn to C-Span for real gavel-to-gavel coverage; race has become “a tripwire topic;” and CNN’s ‘Banner Board’ isn’t all bad. But can someone tell her it’s the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News. Stanley calls it “CBS Nightly News.”

> The CNN ‘Election Express Yourself’ bus has rolled into Minnestoa for next week’s RNC. CNN says the pimped-out Airstream is “designed to encourage citizen political participation with interactive activities.” Right. So, the bus will be at the Minnesota State Fair on Monday.