The Ticker: CNN Social, Zurawik on Hayes, Hoover

By Alex Weprin Comment

  • Inside Cable News interviews CNN’s senior social digital producer (and former TVNewser editor) Steve Krakauer about the net’s social strategy: “When I started as the digital producer of Piers Morgan Tonight, it was very important to get Piers personally involved and invested in the social media strategy. There was only so much I could do from a show account… To do it right, we needed to harness the power of the celebrity status of Piers, and make sure his personality translated to Twitter.”
  • The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik gives his thoughts on the Chris Hayes/“heroes” flap: “No, this is psuedo-intellectual vanity and self-absorbed, TV media talk at its worst . I have a Ph.D. in American Studies, and after spending 10 years in seminars filled with too much of this kind of talk, I can accurately say that people who talk like Hayes did in his remarks are most often self-important b.s artists.”
  • Margaret Hoover, who we noted is now at CNN after many years at Fox News, takes to Facebook to explain to her fans directly why the move was made: “Executives at CNN have been looking for fresh faces and new talent with conservative perspectives, and in the end, offered me an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Indeed, competition, that sturdy pillar of capitalism, is alive and well in the cable news industry.”