The “Red Fox” Talks About Leaving CNBC (And Talks About CNBC on FBN)

By SteveK Comment

claman_4-15.jpgFBN anchor Liz Claman is featured in a lengthy Q&A on today and she talks about women in business, motherhood and the non-competition between her and her husband (who works at CNN).

But she also describes her move from CNBC to FBN. “I felt as if I could be at a place that would speak to everybody, and we are,” she said. “In one short year and five months, we’re already doing stories that attract a lot of other people, not just sort of the C-suite — the CEOs, CIOs, CFOs.”

The topic of CNBC came up today on Fox Business during Claman’s interview with GAMCO Investors CEO Mario Gabelli. “What’s the #1 mistake that investors make in difficult times like this,” asked Claman.

“I think it’s fairly simple — they listen to people on CNBC and panic,” said Gabelli. (The CNBC regular later said he was joking, but the conversation continued, eventually landing on Dylan Ratigan.)

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