“The Energizer Bunny of Media Blogs”

By Brian 

Time for a little horn-tooting: TVNewser is the subject of Peter Johnson‘s Monday column in USA Today. The profile quotes NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams as saying that TVNewser “is the closest thing to the bible of what’s going on in our industry.” But, he adds, “it’s a little disconcerting knowing that the main pulse of your industry is being taken by someone who cannot legally take a drink.”

(Just for the record, my 21st birthday is coming up September 3!)

Also for the record, there’s one numerical error: TVNewser received over 800,000 page views in June. The number quoted in the story — 260,000 — is actually the number of unique visitors the site recorded in June. (Don’t ask me to explain the difference between the two.) Here’s the full story…