Ted Turner on Rupert, Comcast and His Old Company: ‘I’d Like to See Me Running Time Warner’

By Chris Ariens Comment

The mouth from the south was in Manhattan today. CNN founder Ted Turner was talking media with Betty Liu on BloombergTV.

On Time Warner:
“What would I like to see? I’d like to see me running Time Warner. That’s what I’d like to see. But I’m so busy working on nuclear disarmament and global climate change and stabilizing.”

On CNN and Cartoon Network:
“I’d like CNN to report to me and the Cartoon Network. If I had the Cartoon Network and I had control of it, I’d put Captain Planet on at a top time period so that kids would see the environmental superhero instead of just Superman.”

On Comcast and NBC:
“Go for it… They’ve got a real good cable system. And they don’t have that much programming. It was – in programming, you can – distribution and software go together.”

On Rupert Murdoch and the Wall St. Journal:
“I talked to – we had lunch. But I haven’t – I dropped him a note the other day.” (Liu: Saying?) “I thought that he was doing a good job at the Wall Street Journal.”

The interview airs tomorrow morning on BloombergTV at 8amET.