Steve & Olaf: “They Both Look Healthy…”

By Brian 

Two notable quotes from FNC’s Jennifer Griffin around 9:51am:

“What we can say of course from looking at the videos, they both look healthy. They both have the same personalities, the winning personalities that we’ve known of Olaf and Steve for so many years of working with them. It was quite touching when Olaf said I’ll do the worrying for you and telling his family not to worry. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s such a gentle soul. Both of them are such gentle souls. They never want to impose on anyone or cause anyone to worry.”

Also: “I think it’s important to point out that Olaf and Steve went to Gaza on their own accord. They chose to be in Gaza. They chose to cover the Palestinian perspective and many of the Palestinians that we have spoken to in recent days appreciate the fact that they were there as friends of the Palestinians. They were there because they wanted to broadcast the Palestinian perspective around the world and this is so important — that if journalists don’t feel that it is safe for them to go to the Gaza Strip and to the West Bank, the Palestinian perspective will not be broadcast around the world and this hurts all Palestinianss…”