Steve Harrigan to Nic Robertson: ‘It’s unfathomable that a journalist could go on the air, without getting his facts straight’

By Chris Ariens Comment

During his evisceration of Fox News’s reporting about him, and others, being used as human shields in Libya, CNN’s Nic Robertson singled out Fox News’s correspondent in Tripoli, Steve Harrigan. Now Harrigan is responding and accusing Robertson of telling an untruth. Harrigan did not go on the trip to the ruins of Muammar Gaddafi‘s compound, considering it propaganda by the Libyan government. Instead, he sent his security guard who was armed with a camera.

CNN’s Robertson told Wolf Blitzer last night, “The member of the FOX team was surprised that the correspondent and the cameraman weren’t coming out, that he was being sent. This isn’t his normal job.”

“It’s unfathomable that a journalist could go on the air, without getting his facts straight and attack another journalist while in a war zone,” said Harrigan of Robertson. “Our security guard made it very clear to me that he never even spoke to Robertson about why Fox reporters were not going on the trip.”

Harrigan and Robertson, who were live on their respective networks at the same time today: 4:13pmET, are staying at the same Tripoli hotel. Should make for an interesting breakfast in the morning.

> Update: CNN’s response: “Fox news has reported and is continuing to report without an accurate and respectful grasp of the conditions for all the reporters on the ground – we have no further comment on this.”

> Related: Harrigan also spoke with HuffPost about Robertson: “…for someone to say I’m lazy who doesn’t know me, who’s not in our working condition, who doesn’t know our schedule…this guy has a screw loose!””