Stephanopoulos Apologizes for Not Pressing Giuliani on ‘Domestic Attack’ Remark

By kevin Comment

giuliani_1-8.jpgGeorge Stephanopoulos has admitted he made a mistake in not pressing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on “Good Morning America” today after Giuliani remarked that “We had no domestic attacks under Bush, we’ve had one under Obama.”

Stephanopoulos posted a clarification from spokesperson from the mayor and writes:

Whatever the Mayor meant, it’s not what he said. All of you who have pointed out that I should have pressed him on that misstatement in the moment are right. My mistake, my responsibility.

The spokesperson told Stephanopoulos that Giuliani’s comment “didn’t come across as it was intended” and that he was “clearly talking post-9/11 with regards to Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil.”

Video of the “GMA” interview after the jump.

> More: Giuliani was on CNN’s The Situation Room this afternoon, and Wolf Blitzer played the clip. Before the clip played Giuliani said, “This is so silly. But go ahead.” After Giuliani explained:

No, here — here’s what I usually say when I said that — and I did not put that — those words in. I said — I usually say we had no domestic attacks, no major domestic attack under President Bush since September 11th. And the reason I say it is on September 11th and the days after September 11th, I received many briefings, many warnings, as the mayor of New York, that we were going to be attacked again, that we were going to be attacked frequently. And I think many people are surprised, even those people who hate President Bush — I think many people were surprised that we didn’t have those major attacks and that at least some of the things that President Bush was warning was helping in making certain that we didn’t have any kind of major terrorist attack. I did omit the words “since September 11th.” I apologize for that. I should have put it in.