Starting Today, It’s ‘Tucker’

By Brian 

> Update: 4:35pm: From an e-mailer: “Tucker (on the premiere of “Tucker”) just ripped Anderson Cooper a new one: ‘You can be Ed Murrow, or you can be Pat O’Brien from ‘The Insider.’ You just have to pick one.’ He was making fun of the Chappelle interview…”

Starting today, The Situation with Tucker Carlson is simply “Tucker.” The program has a new name, a new timeslot, and a new emphasis. Starting today, Tucker will air at 4pm, and repeat at 6pm. (Expect the show to go live at 6pm on breaking news days.)

A couple weeks ago, Scott Collins reported that “Carlson will do more “media critiques” in addition to political talk and opinion. ‘He’ll look at how everyone is covering stories,’ one insider said.”

Eat the Press’ Rachel Sklar says the segment will be called “Beat the Press.” Also: The show “will focus more on Carlson’s personality — which means less use of outside commentators like Situation regulars Rachel Maddow and Max Kellerman (both are still expected to contribute to the show at times, but the focus will be on Carlson).”

MSNBC has also increased the size of the show’s staff, TVNewser has learned. Sounds like Tucker has a fan in Jeff Zucker