‘Special Report’ Slots Spending Series

By Alex Weprin Comment

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” is planning a weeklong series on the Fiscal Cliff this week. While the shooting in Newtown will rightly be the big news story, the upcoming fiscal deadline is not lost on any journalists.

Each day this week, “Special Report” will examine one issue related to the fiscal crisis.

Monday will see an overview of how the federal government’s spending is disbursed throughout its programs (i.e. entitlement programs, the military discretionary spending, etc.) Tuesday will focus on Debt and the Deficit. Wednesday will take a critical look at Congress action (and inaction). Thursday will look at the potential, long-term economic effects and overall mood of the country if there is no decrease in government spending. Friday will bring an analysis of the potential solutions to the problem.

The series starts on “Special Report” at 6 PM today, and runs all week.