Shep Smith Pulled Over By Alabama’s Finest. ‘My 82 in a 70 Got Penalized’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith had arrived in Tampa ready to cover the RNC Sunday when the forecast for Tropical Storm — now Hurricane — Isaac started looking ominous. With no flights out, he and his crew packed into two cars and headed north, then west to New Orleans near where Isaac will make landfall in the overnight hours tonight.

On “Studio B” Monday, Smith said he was enjoying the drive over Mobile Bay “until we met up with one of Alabama’s finest” who pulled him over for going 82 in a 70 mile-an-hour zone.

On his “Fox Report” last night, Shep also called out “The Weather Channel” for referring to his native Mississippi as, “a land mass.”

“Between Mobile in Alabama, and New Orleans in Louisiana, is what the Weather Channel has inexplicably named a land mass. Hello Weather Channel! That’s called Mississippi. It’s what Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed. Maybe you missed it,” Smith said.

After the jump. Shepard Smith tells MediabistroTV about his First Big Break, during which he found himself on that same Florida Interstate that brought him to New Orleans on Sunday.