Sen. Tells MSNBC He Learned Of Bhutto Attack By “Watching CNN”

By Chris Ariens Comment

In the NoonET hour of MSNBC’s coverage of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto anchor Tamron Hall interviewed Sen. Arlen Specter, who is in Islamabad. Sen. Specter and Rep. Patrick Kennedy were supposed to meet with Bhutto tonight. Hall asked Specter how he learned the news of Bhutto’s death. “Watching CNN,” Specter said. “We heard first that there had been a suicide bomber attempt…then we heard that she was hurt critically and then the news came in that it was fatal.”

To their credit, MSNBC appears to be the only U.S. cable news network to have interviewed Specter. (by this writing)

>More: CNN was mentioned by a Fox News guest too. During Studio B FNC’s Trace Gallagher was speaking with diplomat Husain Haqqani who was making a point about the lax investigation: “The evidence will not come out. It has been hosed down. I saw evidence on CNN myself. The fire engines arrived at the site. Instead of police collecting the evidence, every piece, every dead body is evidence. Instead of collecting the evidence, they closed it down.”