Second Honor for Diane Sawyer Appalachia Documentary

By Chris Ariens Comment

Sawyer_4.23.jpgShe’s going to be presented a Peabody award next month for the documentary “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains,” now Diane Sawyer has also won a 2010 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for the program. From the RFK Center:

“A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains” returns viewers to Appalachia more than 40 years after Robert F. Kennedy’s visit there. In this new century, ABC found images and problems strikingly similar to those prevalent in 1968 such as poverty, illiteracy, crime and new concerns such as prescription drug abuse, failing health care and dental decay. In a time of diminishing resources, 20/20’s coverage of an all but forgotten corner of America is an important reminder of the power of journalism to expose inequities.