Sean Hannity’s Minor Correction of a Major Error

By Chris Ariens Comment

Last night, Sean Hannity corrected — sort of — some really bad information that got out on his show Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, Hannity had on Herman Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block who claimed that one of Cain’s accusers, Karen Kraushaar, is the mother of someone who works at Politico, which first broke the news of sexual harassment accusations.

After Block made the charge, Hannity said, “Have you confirmed that? I’ve been hearing that all day. You’ve confirmed that now, right?”

“We confirmed it that he does indeed work at Politico and that’s his mother, yes,” said Block.

Not only does Josh Kraushaar not work for Politico, (he did up until last year. Now he’s executive editor at National Journal’s “The Hotline,”) but he’s not even related to the Cain accuser.

Last night, toward the end of “Hannity,” the panel was discussing how the sex harassment story could have gotten out in the first place.

Democratic strategist and FNC analyst Joe Trippi said, “We had this yesterday. Block came on your show and started throwing around charges: the son of one of the accusers worked for…” Hannity jumped in saying “No, he was wrong with that. I even said, “did you confirm that?”

National Journal was told Tuesday’s error would be addressed on Wednesday’s show, but this is leaving some underwhelmed.