Scarborough Knocks “Childish Sexual Jokes” Made By “People on Networks”

By SteveK Comment

scarborough_4-16.jpgWithin the first 15 minutes of Morning Joe, yesterday’s tea parties were the hot topic, especially how the media covered them.

“The larger point is that anyone who gets actively involved in government, no matter what, if they’re out there, you say that’s a good thing,” said Mike Barnicle.

“I’d rather see this than apathy,” said Mika Brzezinski.

Joe Scarborough had this take:

You look at these huge rallies, and I’m not going to mention names of people on networks that made sexual jokes, childish sexual jokes, about tens of thousands of Americans who went out and wanted to get involved in their government. I mean, it was really middle school jokes being made. I didn’t hear those jokes being made when people on the left protested over the past eight years. And I would expect that from bloggers on the left. I would expect more than that from news outlets and it happened on several networks yesterday.

Joe didn’t “mention names,” but we will — Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, David Shuster and Keith Olbermann. Did we miss any?

> Update: RealClearPolitics has the video.