Sawyer’s “Hidden America” — and ABC Contract

By SteveK Comment

sawyer_2-11.JPGABC’s Diane Sawyer hosts “Hidden America: Children of the Mountains,” her latest prime time special, Friday night at 10pm.

The New York Daily News’ Richard Huff talks to Sawyer. “All you have to do is look at these kids and how alive their dreams are,” she says. “They don’t have people encouraging them. They can’t walk into town to a support team standing by for them. Yet they still wake up in the morning and still imagine someday they will have a house.”

The Los Angeles Times’ Matea Gold also writes about the upcoming special, and talks to Sawyer. At the end of her article she describes Sawyer’s contract, which “is reportedly set to expire sometime this year, and she confirmed that she has not yet renewed her deal.”

“At some point I’ll get to it,” she said, while a “network source” said there was “plenty of time” left on her contract.

“As long as it’s still fun and surprising and our team is as linked at the elbows as we are, I can keep doing it,” said Sawyer.