Russert’s Office Converted; Furniture Going to Newseum

By Chris Ariens Comment

Russert_8.18.jpgSources inside NBC tell TVNewser that reports about Tim Russert’s office furniture being destroyed, are not true. DCRTV reported, “Word further confirms all the furniture in Tim’s office was busted up so that no one in the bureau could use it or sell it on Ebay.”

Not true, says our source. The furniture was moved out of NBC’s DC bureau, and is being donated to the Newseum at the Russert family’s request. It is true that Russert’s office is being turned into a conference room which will be named in his honor. Just days after Russert died in June, NBC News president Steve Capus told TVNewser, “Now and forevermore, that is Tim’s office. We’re not going to move the new bureau chief in there. It’s out of the question, and will always be so.”