Robin Leach’s Next Act

By Chris Ariens Comment

A couple Las Vegas leftovers from TVNewser’s coverage of the 2008 NAB-RTNDA conference.

Leach2_4.19.jpgBefore leaving Las Vegas Wednesday night, TVNewser stopped by Trader Vic’s at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. The occassion: the launch of VegasHD, also known as Robin Leach‘s fourth act. Leach headlined the event for a small gathering of NAB attendees. Vegas HD, with support from Sony, has wired the city for HD transmission. There are “drops” at the Planet Hollywood, as well as at the Golden Nugget downtown and off the strip at the Palms Hotel & Casino. VegasHD will help facilitate for the production of a live broadcast in HiDef for any broadcaster who needs it.

Leach went through a litany of “they said it wouldn’t works” talking about his early days with CNN, then as host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and finally his work with Food Network. “And every time it worked,” saying it will again with VegasHD. He then added, “From now on what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.”

After the jump, a hotel room observation…


Here’s a question for the National Association of Broadcasters: why are the first eight channels on the TV’s at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel all Asian language? Yes the first eight channels. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mandarian, Cantonese, (I guess, I don’t know Cantonese).

No local affiliates or cable channels until CNN on Channel 9. Look, we’re down with globalization but do you think the TVs at the MGM Grand Macau have English-language stations occupying the first eight channels? Just asking…