Rick Sanchez is Down with Debating

By Alex Weprin Comment

“Rick’s List” host Rick Sanchez shared one of his regular TwitVids with his followers on Twitter today. As usual, viewers got to see how the television news sausage is made, but this time Sanchez threw in a few words about CNN’s competition:

Some of our competitors like to make big, grandiose points and then invite somebody on that agrees with them. Some of our other competitors pick on real, maybe not-so intellectual competitors and beat the crap out of them.

What networks (or hosts) was he referring to? You can decide for yourself in the comments. Sanchez then goes on to show his self-deprecating side as he explains what he looks for in an on-air sparring partner:

I want to find someone who is my intellectual equal… has anybody seen Dumbo?… Kidding.