Report: Visa Problem Could Keep Piers Morgan Off CNN, For Now

By Alex Weprin Comment

Morgan082010.jpgThe New York Post was the first outlet anywhere in the world to write “Piers Morgan” and “CNN” in the same sentence back on June 11. Now the newspaper reports that Morgan is having a hard time getting a work visa, and as a result Larry King may stay on as CNN’s 9 PM host through the end of the year.

As a British citizen, Morgan needs a special visa that will allow him to work full-time in the US — and those types of visas are increasingly difficult to get, according to lawyers who specialize in the field.

In general, the process “has gotten much slower in the past year” as the federal government tightens paperwork requirements for immigrants, says one attorney.

Update: The Wrap’s Hunter Walker calls BS on the Post report. Details after the jump.

From Walker’s story:

And an individual close to the parties involved told TheWrap that the Post article “absolutely untrue.”

“There’s an announcement that’s imminent, this will be timed to coincide with a massive press cycle for him,” the person said.

The finale of “America’s Got Talent” is coming up in the next few weeks, and the Emmys are a week from Sunday.

And the CNN/Piers Morgan/Larry King saga continues…