Rehnquist: Who’s The Real News Network?

By Brian 

linsept4.jpgSome of the late-night comments from tipsters:

> “CNN is still live at 11pm with Carol Lin in Atlanta and reporters live in the gulf coast area. MSNBC and FNC are done for the night.”

> “CNN broke in with the story of the death of William Rehnquiest at 11:06:22 pm ET.”

> “CNN is live, good thing since Chief Rehnquist just passed away. MS and Fox are on tape. Who is the real news network?”

> “FNC is finally on at 11:14 pm with Carol in the newsroom and Greta live.”

> “CNN blew MSNBC and FOX out of the water with the Rehnquist news by several minutes.”

> “The news of Rehnquist’s death came just minutes into CNN Saturday Night — they ran an obituary by Bruce Morton.”

> “It’s the BIG stories that sets CNN apart from the competition. I am watching CNN and the others on the death of Rehnquist and see CNN providing much more thoughtful insight to the story than anyone else. It’s almost like FNC and MSNBC struggle to keep the story on the air. CNN has numerous close friends from the past doing phone interviews.”

> “CNN has coverage with Carol Lin. MSNBC (NBC) has coverage with Cheryl Casone. MSNBC has Chris Matthews via phone. FNC has coverage with Carol Iovanna and Greta Van Susteren / Susan Estrich on the phone.”

> “While CNN was the first to break the passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist on air, MSNBC had it online first. CNN and Fox (and ABC and CBS) took ages to get this story to their pages. It seems when it comes to the web, MSNBC is the leader.”