Red Eyes For Biz Nets As Wall Street Sees Red

By SteveK Comment

In what has been described tonight as, “a day that will force us to review the total financial system of America,” on CNBC and “one day in American business that has not been seen in years” on FBN, Wall Street is bracing for what could be a brutal Monday. CNBC was live from 8-11pmET, with Dylan Ratigan and Melissa Lee anchoring. Many of the major anchors and reporters were on hand, including David Faber, Charlie Gasparino, Melissa Caruso-Cabrera and Steve Liesman. Now CNBC is airing a feed from CNBC Asia.

FBN was live from 8-9pmET, with Brian Sullivan anchoring. Contributing were Liz MacDonald, Eric Bolling, Louise Pennell in Seattle in front of Washington Mutual Center and Adam Shapiro in front of Lehman Brothers in New York City. Liz Claman will appear on CBS’ The Early Show tomorrow morning.

Bloomberg, which is live every Sunday beginning at 6pmET, had special reports every hour during the day and is focusing much of the attention tonight on the American markets: