Red Eye Turns Two: “It’s Intentionally Stupid, But Secretly Smart”

By SteveK Comment

gutfeld_2-6.bmpTwo years ago today, Red Eye first aired at 2amET on the Fox News Channel. It was, to say the least, a drastic departure from what the FNC audience was used. We enjoyed this line from former TVNewser editor Brian Stelter’s first show review: “The show had circa-2000 production values but it was oddly compelling.”

Now two years and nearly 500 shows later, host Greg Gutfeld, Bill Schulz and Andy Levy celebrated their 2nd anniversary last night (or this morning).

Gutfeld’s Greg-alogue took aim at some of his favorite targets — no, not houseboys and unicorns — political correctness and the show’s stable of haters.

Although he admits at first the program “was a horror show,” he says: “It’s intentionally stupid, but secretly smart — a strategy designed to confuse bitter liberals, media hacks, and angry activists. We gauge our success by turning groups into sputtering messes.”

As for the future, “The show continues to expand, and thanks to the folks at Fox News, it’s our hope that we continue to grow,” said Gutfeld. But in true Red Eye style, he continued: “If anything, just to keep Bill off the streets and me off the Meth.”

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