Rather Asks Himself: “WWMD?”

By SteveK Comment

rather_12-10.jpgThe Columbia Journalism Review’s Jesse Sunenblick writes a nearly 5,000-word profile of Dan Rather, looking at where he is now in his professional life and how exactly he got there.

Rather says he’s happy with his HDNet gig. “This is sheer joy for me. I’ve never been happier or more satisfied. One reason I’m talking to you is to spread the word,” he said.

What is it about the job that excites him? “What we have to sell here is quality journalism. We play no favorites. We pull no punches. What we have is absolute editorial freedom,” he said.

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When talk turned to the lawsuit, he again invoked his polar star. “I’m constantly asking myself, ‘What would Murrow do?'” he said. “He spoke truth to the powerful at their height, the great fear inducers.” This was a day after Rather had attended Tim Russert’s funeral and a day before he would head to the Gulf Coast to fish for speckled trout with his grandson. “There’s nothing professionally I like better than getting to the bottom of a big story. Short of the power of subpoena, and the pain of perjury, I’m doing all I can. Either you move forward and have the moxie, or…” — he collected himself. “I’m taking on a giant corporation; they spend their stockholders’ money. I had the guts to spend my own money and get to the bottom of this. That’s what that’s about.”