Raddatz Gives ABC News Insider Knowledge of Camp Liberty Murder

By SteveK Comment

abc_5-13.bmpOne of the big stories this week has been the murder of five American troops by a fellow sergeant at Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

ABC and CBS’ led their evening newscast with the story on Monday night (it was in NBC’s first block as well), but just ABC World News had video of the location, from inside the clinic where the shooting took place. The reason? Senior foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz.

“Just a few weeks earlier, on her 20th reporting trip to Iraq, she had spent an afternoon at Camp Liberty in Baghdad,” reports The New York Observer‘s Felix Gillette. “Ms. Raddatz had spent an entire afternoon interviewing the clinic’s staff members for her report on how the military was coping with the recent uptick in suicides.”

Said Raddatz during Monday’s report: “It was just days ago that Lieutenant Colonel Beth Salisbury (pictured) showed ABC News the very same combat stress control center where today’s horrific shooting took place Salisbury, who runs the center, was not hurt in today’s shooting.”

Click continued to see Raddatz’ piece last night on World News, in which one of the officers killed, who Raddatz met on her trip, was the focus…